Sales conditions

Summary of our general sales conditions

Applicable even if they contradict the customer's personal purchase conditions

The invoice is also valid as an order confirmation

  • Orders are executed at the prices valid at the time of delivery.
  • Shipments are made post-paid or freight on invoice, except contrary agreement.
  • Any case of force majeure relieves the company of its obligation to deliver.
  • The goods are transported at the risk of the consignee.
  • The goods are payable to our address in Nivelles. In case of non-payment on the due date a compensation of 15% on the invoice amount, with a minimum of €25.00, without taking into account the interest of 10% and costs due.
  • The presentation of a receipt or the signing of a bill of exchange will not imply renewal of the debt.
  • Any return of goods without prior agreement or with postage payable will be strictly refused.
  • Complaints must be made within 3 days of receipt.
  • Our responsibility is limited to the replacement or repair of the defective product.
  • Products used as expo models are excluded from our warranty conditions.

Ownership of goods

  • Subject to a special agreement, we remain the owner of the goods sold as long as they, including interest and costs, have not been paid for in full.
  • Under normal business conditions, the buyer may use or sell the goods but not pledge them.
  • If partial or full payment is not made by the due date, we reserve the right to void the contract of sale and reclaim the goods still in the possession of the buyer.

Nullity of purchase conditions

  • The buyer's conditions are valid only if we have agreed to them in writing.
  • The acceptance of an order or the sending of an order confirmation may not be regarded as a deviation from the present article.

Our advertising, descriptive, informative documentation is not guaranteed in its detail.
Every order only contains a commitment on our part, insofar as it has been confirmed.
In the event of a dispute, the courts of Nivelles shall have sole jurisdiction.


Any complaints for missing goods must reach us in writing within 3 working days of receipt of the goods.
You will be invoiced for the non-refunded euro pallets.